#TherapyforAll Hashtag Campaign

Over the past month, Disability Empowerment advocacy groups have started forming across the US. They are working together to get Therapy for All laws passed in every state. So far, people have learned about Disability Empowerments from word of mouth or from disability related groups on social media. 

It's time to bring national attention to Therapy for All. We want to make sure lawmakers throughout the country are hearing about this effort. We want news reporters to hear about the thousands of children unable to get the therapies they need. It's time to get the word out and tell our stories in a big way.

Time to Be Heard!

On SUNDAY, AUGUST 25, we are going to have a hashtag campaign. We want to get #TherapyForAll and #DisabilityEmpowerment trending. To do this, we need EVERYONE to participate. It won't take much time and it will be fun to see everyone's photos and videos.

How does a Hashtag Campaign Work?
On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, commit to doing these three things:


1. Share our Disability Empowerment video with the #TherapyForAll & #DisabilityEmpowerment hashtags. (Feel free to

include disability or therapy specific hashtags too.) Find the video through these links.


2. Post a photo of your child (or your client with the parent's permission) in therapy with the #TherapyForAll & #DisabilityEmpowerment hashtags.


3. Challenge: Tag a few friends with #TherapyForAll & #DisabilityEmpowerment. Encourage them to participate.


4. Share a video of why therapy is important to your child or all children with the hashtags #TherapyForAll & #DisabilityEmpowerment.

Commit to doing this and encourage a few friends to join you. Ask your friends to share your posts to help spread the word. Also, tag a few national and local media sources into your posts and tweets. Let's draw some attention to Disability Empowerment's effort to get Therapy For All passed in every state.